Executive Director Job Description and Duties (2022)

The Executive Director (ED) provides leadership management, tone of practical support, and direction of ministry to the Pregnancy Care Center. The ED reports directly to the Board of Directors and oversees all staff and volunteers while managing the PCC budget, programming, training, client care, and public relations.  This person much have a core commitment to life affirming ministry and is responsible for maintaining a healthy, Christ filled work environment. The ability to manage confidentiality at all times and contribute to a sensitive environment is of upmost importance in this position. 

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Ensure Policy/Procedures set in place are followed

Create new Policy/Procedures as needed to be approved by the Board of Directors

Oversee operations according to the Bylaws

Oversee Office Manager, Director of Operations and other office personnel.

Oversee all client services. Work with the Director of Operations to train, maintain, and ensure all services are done effectively and according to policy and procedures.

Maintain all legal, financial, and insurance responsibilities

Maintain all properties (clean, report property needs, change filters, etc.)

Pay all monthly bills/utilities
Keep a hard copy record of all bills paid, transfers, and financial transactions for approved time in orderly, accessible manor
Manage Payroll
Manage Deposits (checks, cash and pay pal)
Balance bank statements each month. Present financial statements and records to the Board Chair or Treasurer for oversight and approval.
Manage 941 Income Tax and Quarterly Reports (CPA does the reporting, but ED is required to supply the working information from Quickbooks)
Work within the set budget
Provide monthly financial reports to the board
Maintain updated financial records for review
Provide end of year reports to all contributors
Develop the Annual Budget according to PCC needs.  Present the budget to the Board for approval in October of each year.
Research grants and write grant requests
Approve or decline all purchase orders

Work with area churches and organizations for the CHANGE for LIFE bottle drive
Create and develop all fundraising events with approval of Board
Plan and organize events to maintain financial needs of the PCC
Meet with donors or would be donors
Write thank you notes for all event contributors
Provide a working budget for events
Provide an itinerary for events
Manage publications for all events (donor packets, advertisements, programs, etc.)

Public Relations
Speak at various clubs and organizations upon invitation
Participate in radio and newspaper interviews
Maintain relationships with doctor offices and other health providers WIC, Health Department and Medicaid office, Head Start, Family Service Center, etc.
Manage advertising
Monthly newsletter
New Pastor/Staff visits
Maintain all online publications (website, Facebook, Google search, other search engines) 
Create and/or approve all publications with the PCC logo

PCC Board of Directors
Schedule monthly board meetings and notify board a week in advance
Communicate with Board Chair about meeting agenda, any special occurrences
Prepare any documents needed for meeting
Stay in contact with the board pertaining to any PCC business between meeting times
Present monthly Executive Director report 

Continued Education
Provide continuing education opportunities for staff and volunteers
Keep CEUs for all certifications
Stay updated of all new laws and legislation pertaining to PCC mission
Maintain Life Affirming Specialist (LAS) Training for ED and staff

Satellite Centers
See clients at both satellite sites (testing, counsel, etc.)
Work with Ministerial Alliances and other organizations
Raise needed funds for satellite needs

Additional Programs
Sexual Risk Avoidance (Abstinence) Programs for area Schools
Woman of Trauma – Counsel for the post abortive, abused, sexually traumatized woman

Working knowledge of Email, Word, Excel, QuickBooks, and Website maintenance
Outstanding organizational and planning skills
Core understanding of support and advocacy for people in need
Strong verbal communication skills
Demonstrated leadership ability and interpersonal skills
Model ethical and professional behavior at all times